Author = Mahmoud-Reza Hemami
Diversity and Pattern of Wildlife Roadkills in Golestan National Park

Volume 7, Issue 14, March 2017, Pages 215-224

Mahmoud-Reza Hemami

Ranking Protected Areas for Ecotourism by Analytical Hierarchy Process

Volume 6, Issue 11, January 2016, Pages 13-66

farida eraji; mohammadreza homae

Multi Criteria Decision Analysis to Compare Management Alternatives for Conservation of Persian Fallow Deer

Volume 5, Issue 10, January 2015, Pages 3-12

forough goudarze; hasan bashare; mahmoudreza homame

Predicting the Spatial Distribution of Cd, As, Cr and Cu in Topsoil of Golestan Province

Volume 4, Issue 7, January 2014, Pages 35-44

rohallah mirzaee; abbas esmaeili; hadi ghorbani; naser hafezi; mohammadreza homami; hamidreza rezaee

Distribution Modelling of Lesser Kestrel (Falco Naumanni) in Golestan Province, Iran

Volume 4, Issue 8, January 2014, Pages 149-156

rohallah mirzaee; mahmoudreza homami; abbas esmaeile; hamidreza rezaee