Investigation of trend and spatial distribution of climatic parameters including temperature and precipitation in arid and desert regions (Case study: Southern of Kerman province)

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1 Department of arid and mountainous regions reclamation, faculty of natural resources, tehran university

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Investigation of Trend and Spatial Distribution of Climatic
Parameters Including Temperature and Precipitation in
Arid and Desert Regions
(Case Study: Southern of Kerman Province)
1*Mesbahzadeh, T.; 2Soleimani Sardoo, F.
1 Assist. Profe. Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Tehran, Iran
2 Academic Staff, Faculty of Natural Resources, University of Jiroft, Iran
(Received: 2018/05/13; Accepted: 2018/10/02)
The prediction of climate impact factors in different regions, especially in arid and desert areas where the environment is very fragile, is of paramount importance. The ecosystems of this region are subject to special conditions due to lack of water resources. In this regard, it is important to predict parameters such as rainfall and temperature and how to change them in these areas and can help to optimize resource management and create resilient strategies. In this study, the nonparametric methods of Mann- Kendall and Sen's Slope Estimator were used to study the precipitation and temperature data in the south of Kerman province. Also, the homogeneity of the data was analyzed using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test, which showed that the station data used in the research was homogeneous at the 5% level and did not occur systematically. Also, the results showed that the stations of Anjirk, Hussein Abad, Bam, Kahnouj and Jiroft have a significant upward trend at 99 and 95% at the average annual temperature. Also, the results of the research indicate that in the south of the province Based on the graphs, the changes in the rainfall component have not significantly decreased in Kerman. The results can be used to manage the water resources of the area.
Keywords: Climate change, Precipitation and temperature, Mann- Kendall and sen's slope estimator, kolmogorov- smirnov test, Southern of Kerman province

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