Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 8, January 2014 
Evaluating Urban River-Valley’s Ecological Function (Tehran: Darakeh River-Valley)

Pages 91-104

shahindokht barghjelveh; niko modghalchi; naghmeh mobarghee

Investigation of Some Environmental Impacts of Capparis Decidua Nebkha (Case Study: Jask Area)

Pages 131-138

neda emantalab; asghar mosleharani; mohammadreza akhtesasi; hamidreza azimzadeh; asghar sepahvand

Distribution Modelling of Lesser Kestrel (Falco Naumanni) in Golestan Province, Iran

Pages 149-156

rohallah mirzaee; mahmoudreza homami; abbas esmaeile; hamidreza rezaee

Edge Effects on Bird Community

Pages 183-194

nasrin amine; mahmoud aghely