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Environmental Researches is an international double-blind peer reviewed bi-quarterly publication which publishes high quality papers on all aspects of environmental topics. Environmental Researches is an open access journal, which publishes a variety of scientific research and Review Papers.  

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Current Issue: Volume 14, Issue 27, Recerches, September 2023, Pages 3-344 

Presenting a Programme for Estrategical Managment to Control Air Pollution (Case Study:Isfahan)

Pages 59-76


Sona Kebriaeezadeh; Jamal Ghodduosi; Ali Asghar Alesheikh; Reza Arjmandi; Seyed Alireza Seyed Mirzahossieni

Investigating Hydrological Changes of Tejan River Estuary (Southern Caspian Sea-Mazandaran Province)

Pages 77-95


Tayebeh Khob; Hossein Mostafavi; Hossein Zeinivand; Hassan Esmaeil zadeh; Mehdi Blouki; Mahtab Shojaei

Analysis of Urban Physical Growth in Karaj City

Pages 199-218


Aysan Imanpour Namin; Esmaeil Salehi; Esfandyar Zebardast

Investigating four Metal (Ni, V, Co, Fe) and Organic (Petroleum) Pollutants in the Sediments of Nayband Gulf

Pages 305-323


Ali Ghanavati Asl; Seyed Mohammad Bagher Nabavi; Maryam Mohammadi Roozbahani; Sima Sabzalipour; Seyed Masoud Monavari