A study on the self-rehabilitation of natural ecosystem in flooded hazard areas for developing applied methods in ecological rehabilitation Case Stady: Golestan Recreational Area of the Golestan National Park

Document Type : Original Article


Nature is always at the risk of nathral and non-natural injury and damages. Therefore the effort should be for the reconstructhure and rehabilitation of the nature which is around us and has very important role in living organisms among human.
Flood, including natural disasters is that make many demolotions in the nature. Ecological improvement of damaged environment by flood is an important issue. In this study, the mechanisms are proposed to improve the damaged ecosystem components which are damaged by the flood. Components of ecosystem, including vegetations and soil ecosystem, are major injuries after disasters such as floods. Ecological improvement methods make an effort to improve and restore an ecosystem, observantly to natural conditions of these components in before flood.
Golestan National Park is one of the environments damaged by the flood. Thus improvement of soil and vegetation and other important components of the National Park and Biosphere are necessary.
In this study, the first, applied methods of ecological rehabilitation have been described for soil, forest and vegetation, and river. Then, research has been done on hazard ecosystem of Golestan National Park, before and after flood. The next, these methods have been modified and suggested. Improvement methods, with an imitation of nature and adapt to natural conditions, attempt to accelerating spontaneous resuscitation of nature.