Ecological Capability Evaluation of Sajafi Region Using Geographic Information System (GIS) and Fuzzy Logic

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In this research the ecological Capability Evaluation of the Sajafi district in Hendijan, was evaluated due to the increasing development in its coastal areas and adjacent areas on one hand and their vulnerabilities on the other hand, in 1,100000 scale. Boolean method with the help of the Geographical information system GIS along with Fuzzy Logic was used. The results of Fuzzy Logic were compared with Boolean method. Results show that the application of Fuzzy Logic has lead to a considerable change and the suitable class for aquaculture has changed from 68% to 72% and in ecotourism application from 25% to 30%, but the most change in the surface area is observed in the unsuitable class so that the percentage of this kind in aquaculture application has changed from 14% to 5% and in ecotourism application from 69% to 59%. This shows that the use of Fuzzy Logic can have a significant impact in capability evaluation.