The Development of a New Methodology Base on GIS and Fuzzy Logic and AHP to Locate Industrial Area (Case Study: Birjand)

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The site selection of industrial areas is a key factor in regional planning due to the social, economic and environmental impacts of this kind of development. A proper location must fulfil a wide range of factors like ecological sustainability, access to transport and communication infrastructures, work force availability, proximity to main market and to the raw materials.
Today using of spatial data and the abilities of Geographical Information system are important for industrial site selection. Therefore it is necessary to determine the appropriate combination functions in the design and implementation of practical GIS for finding the proper place.
Combination functions are one of the GIS spatial analysis functions that choose appropriate place with using of input maps and Combination operators.
These functions includ Boolean, Analysis hierarchical process (AHP), index overlap, Fuzzy logic, genetic, Weight of evidence.
In this research at first the proper factors and criteria for finding industrial areas were determined and then were prepared for input to fuzzy function and hierarchical analysis processing in Arc Sdm and Expert Choice environments، Afterwards results precision were evaluated. Finally fuzzy model prominence and accuracy out weight hierarchical analysis.